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June 11, 2012

My mother is celebrating a milestone birthday in Port Douglas later this year.  Most of the party guests are flying in to town for the birthday, so I thought it would be a lovely gesture to create small ‘welcome bags’ for guests.  “Welcome bags” are a wonderful idea for destination weddings and may include, local gourmet products, a map of the wedding venue and a weekend activity program etc. I’ve been inspired by these beautiful wedding welcome bags and I thought I would share them with you.

1. Personalise your welcome bag with your personal or wedding details and a map of the town/city.  Keep it simple and include a piece of locally grown fruit or snack and a refreshing drink.

Image via my Pinterest ‘Weddings’ board.

2. Be creative with your packaging and choose a bag, box, basket or perhaps a small gift suitcase like this case below.

Image via my Pinterest ‘Weddings‘ board

3. Theme your welcome gift for a seaside or garden wedding and choose a beautiful wicker basket or box. Fill it with a map of the area, a tourist guide booklet, a refreshing drink and snacks.

Image via my Pinterest ‘Weddings by the Beach’ board

4. Offer your guests a practical welcome gift like this emergency hangover kit for the day after.  This cute kit was designed by Judy Paulen Designs in NYC.

Image via my Pinterest ‘Weddings‘ board.

5. Spoil your guests with a unique gift and give them a ‘Midnight Snack’ box for after the reception celebration.

Image via my Pinterest ‘Weddings‘ board

 So, here’s what I am thinking for my mother’s birthday celebration:

  • A map of Port Douglas
  • A personalised bottle of water
  • A small personalised bag of snacks
  • A hand fan
  • An activity guide and welcome letter
  • Sunscreen sachet
  • A floral leis (for the guests to wear to the party)

So now I need to work out what to package my goodies in…a basket, box, case, bag or something different all together.  Hmmm what do you think?

Till we meet again…


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