The Art of iPhoneography

March 19, 2012

There’s a new movement amongst iPhone-owners called iPhoneography – the art of taking photos with your Apple iPhone. With the wealth of photo apps on the market, your iPhone camera actively competes with many point and shoot digital cameras. Let’s face it, the iPhone is the most accessible camera out there.

On the weekend I found this great little book at my local bookstore*, ‘The Art of iPhoneography” written by award-winning documentary photographer, Stephanie Roberts.  The book caught my eye as it resembles an over-sized iPhone, but I grew more excited when I flicked through it’s contents.  Stephanie reviews several popular photography apps and provides examples, steps and key features of each app. She encourages iPhonegraphers to “spark their creativity” by thinking about composition, style and expression. I also enjoyed the interviews with notable iPhoneographers and was surprised to note quite a few professional photographers dabbled in iPhonegraphy too. The book also covers the growing community of iPhoneographers, who are eager to share their insight, experience and images.

In summary, it’s a great guide that will help you sharpen  your iPhone photography skills and stretch your view.

* One Little Piggie bookstore, South Melbourne

I’m a huge fan of iPhoneography and really enjoy this creative and mobile method of capturing images.  My DSLR is still my preferred camera for serious photography, but I love the accessibility and creative possibilities of iPhoneography.

“iPhoneography has connected me with another party of myself that I really appreciate.  I’ve realized that I’m really a visual person, though I never thought of myself that way.  It’s made me into a different person in the eyes of others, in a way.  And that makes me feel good, because it is true to who I am.”  

Charlotta Kratz, San Franciso, CA – The Art of iPhoneography.

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