Terrariums for Your Home

April 24, 2013
Flare Terrarium by Bosky 2

Terrariums for your home are quite popular at the moment.  I’ve purchased a couple of terrariums recently.  The little apple container below is a beautiful terrarium from local market.  She sits on my kitchen bench where she gets plenty of light but not direct sunlight.  The terrarium that I purchased for home (above) is from Melbourne florist, Bosky.  They specialise in terrariums and you can even hire them out for events (which is what I intend to do).

Terrariums are like little mini ecosystems encased in a container, which is usually glass. They can hold tiny plants or even animals and insects.  I want to focus on the plant variety of terrarium. If you don’t have a green thumb, then having a terrarium is an low maintenance way of bringing a bit of greenery into your home. You just need to check the light, moisture levels and prune any overgrown plants.

Terrariums come in all shapes and sizes.  You can use fish bowls, vases, jugs, light bulbs and specially made terrarium containers.  They can be left open at the top or sealed with a clear lid.  The enclosed terrariums tend to be more humid in nature.  Here’s a tip I learnt, if you have to leave your terrarium at home for a week or more, you could cover it with clingfilm and this will help keep moisture in the container.

How to look after terrariums for you home

1. Water your terrarium sparingly. If you use de-mineralised water or rainwater this will prevent water stains forming inside your glass container

2. Keep your terrarium near sunlight but not directly in it

3. Tend your plants and remove any dead parts of the plant

4. If your plants start to outgrow their container, trim your plants from the growth tips

5. Clean the outside of your container with a glass cloth and fresh water and stay away from chemicals

Here are a few beautiful terrariums I found to inspire you.

Hanging Terrariums - Madame Bonbon

Image above: Stunning teardrop hanging terrariums via Partyspin on Etsy.

Apple filled terrarium from South Melbourne market

Image above: My sweet little terrarium in a glass apple from South Melbourne Market.

Light bulb terrarium - Madame Bonbon

Image above: Light bulb terrariums by Light Bulb Terrariums on Etsy

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