Ten Tips for Planning a Hens Party

March 5, 2014
Tips for planning a hens party

Planning a hens or bachelorette party (for my US friends) can be lots of fun.  It’s like any party that you plan and host.  You should have an idea of the theme, budget, venue, date and guests to invite.  You can then slowly build up from here with invitations, party decorations, party favours and entertainment etc. I’ve put together ten tips for planning a hens party for your bride-to-be. Check them out.

10 Tips for Planning a Fun Hens Party

  1. Talk to the bride-to-be about what sort of occasion she’d prefer and the list of friends and family she would like to invite.
  2. Get your initial ideas from the bride-to-be and then go off and plan the day/weekend without her.  If you’re feeling overwhelmed then ask one or two friends to help you out.
  3. Talk to all of the ladies on the guest list.  Find out if they have any fun ideas to contribute or perhaps they may have a funny story or experience that could be shared.
  4. Talk to the groom about the party. He may recommend a few fun ideas for the night.
  5. Be conscious of the expense of your celebration.  Weddings can be expensive affairs and the hens party is usually one of the many wedding activities planned.
  6. Now that you have the party planning basics covered (theme, venue, date, etc.)  you should start organising – pronto!  The earlier you start planning, the more prepared you’ll be for the party.
  7. Send out invitations ASAP, so people can work around their social calendars and wedding travel plans.  Email invitations (eInvites) are quite popular and convenient. Why not create an eInvite via Paperless Post or the Red Stamp app?  Paperless Post has many beautiful invitations. You can also manage your RSVPs online – which is convenient.  The Red Stamp app lets you send invites via your smart phone.
  8. As the party host, you should ensure that all of your guests feel comfortable and included.  Perhaps save your rowdy hens games until after Aunt Mildred has left.  No offence to Aunt Mildred, she may be up for a bit of cheeky fun, but best find this out beforehand.
  9. Get creative with your party favours. DIY favours can be inexpensive and fun e.g., fill personalised bottles with your favourite cocktail or bubble bath, print your own hens party bags or hand out recovery kits filled with water, aspirin, mints etc.
  10. Thank everyone for coming and joining in the celebration whether it’s with a party favour, thank you card or note.  Again, you might find thank you cards sent via email to be most convenient.

I hope that’s helped you plan your hens party and that you have an awesome celebration with your bride-to-be.

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