Stylish Drink Stirrers

September 20, 2012

I love to garnish to my cocktails and drinks. So this weekend, I decided to create a variety of stylish drink stirrers to keep by the bar.  They add a bit of fun and frivolity to your glass, don’t you think? I love them and in fact I have been known to carry around a few drink stirrers in my handbag …just in case.  I know, crazy right (insert guilty grin). Anyway, here are a few of my latest drink stirring creations.

I used heavy kraft paper and my miniature alphabet stamps for these cute little flags. I cut about 1cm horizontally across an A4 piece of paper.  Measured the length and stamped the word on both ends. I placed double-sided tape along one half and wrapped the flag around the straw, sealing the two halves together.  I made small angular cuts on the ends and voila! Cute preppy straws.

So these little ribbon stirrers literally took me 30 seconds to make (and I’m not showing off ;-)). You simply grab your favourite coloured ribbon (in this case I went with a silver glitter ribbon).  Cut around 8cm and join the ends together.  Now wrap the ribbon around the wooden stirrer and thread it through itself…voila!  Did I make it sound easy?  If not, you better let me know and I will put in more images to demonstrate.

These sparkly gold star stirrers took a litte more effort. You need to find some fabulous gold glittery card or heavy wrapping paper.  Cut out a small star shape and adhere the star to your wooden stirrer using a wood glue.

So, there you have it!  Three fun little garnishes for your next glass of bubbles, or mojito, or daquiri.

Chin chin!

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