5 Stylish DIY Party Decorations

March 13, 2012

Finding unique and stylish party decorations can sometimes be difficult.  Where possible, I love to make my own and with a World Wide Web of talented designers out there it’s not difficult to style your party with handmade decor.  Here are five stylish DIY party decorations to inspire your next event.

1.Ribbon back chairs

Image via {SMP}

Before you contemplate this DIY project,  you will need to make sure that you have the appropriate chair.  The chair back needs to be square (see above) so that the ribbon remains in place.  You will need satin ribbon or fabric for this party decoration.  Trim the fabric/ribbon to the length of the chair plus enough room to tie around the chair.  Match the fabric colour to your party theme for a complementary look.

2. Pattern Paper Chains

Image via Parcel Post

I remember making paper chains at school.  They make beautiful DIY party decorations when made with patterned paper or fabric.  Pair them with festoon lighting and  you have a fantastic party decoration. Simply choose the pattern of paper/card that you wish to use.  Cut your card into thin strips {5cm width x 29cm length) and start by stapling the ends of one strip to form a circle.  Thread another strip through the first circle and staple the ends.  Just keep repeating this until you have the desired length of paper chain and then hang with string.

3. Fringey Garlands

Image via Occasions Online

I love crepe paper and love all the cool things you can do with it for DIY party decorations.  Check these out – fringey streamers.  They are sooo incredibly easy to make and they look fabulous hanging across a room.  Buy a few rolls of coloured crepe paper.  Cut the roll horizontally into thirds.  Take one third and using scissors slice thin strips (2cm width) towards the other side of the roll, and stop 4cm from the top.  Unfurl your crepe paper roll and you have a fringey garland.  You may need to stick a few garlands together for the desired length.  For a bit of glitzy glamour, make a few garlands from solid gold cello paper to contrast with the crepe paper.

4. Birthday Banners

Image: Printable Alphabet Bunting by Two Brunettes

It’s so easy to create your own personalised birthday banners; there is no need to buy one from the supermarket.  Using a PowerPoint slide you can create your own banner.  Open up PowerPoint, create two large rectangle shapes  as your flags and then place a letter in each flag.  You can print the flags directly onto patterned paper or you could add a print pattern to your flag.  Now if you really want to cheat you could download a template from one of the generous designers out there.  Here’s the {LINK} to the Printable Alphabet Bunting above designed by Carolynn at Two Brunettes.

5. Paper Rosettes

Image via Oscar & Emma

Paper rosettes are beautiful decorations that can be used at weddings or outdoor parties.  Hang rosettes from a tree at an outdoor party [above] or place a string of rosettes on aisle chairs at a wedding.  Match patterned paper with solid colour in a complementary palette.  To make a large rosette, fold three sheets of paper in accordion style.  Fold each fan in half and staple the edges together.  Next staple/use double-side tape to adhere all three folded fans and create a complete rosette.  For a smaller wheel you only need one sheet of paper.  Fold this into the accordion style and cut it in half.  Fold those halves in two and then staple/tape together.  You will only need two of these to make a smaller rosette.  Hang the paper rosettes at varying lengths.  Personalize your decorations by printing a picture, name, monogram or date onto a smaller circle and attach it to the centre of each rosette. You could also make small rosettes to hang from the back of chairs as placecards.

Have fun!

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  • Reply Julia Kuku Couture March 14, 2012 at 8:51 PM

    Love the paper rosettes I think I am going to try them for the next birthday party

    • Reply Madame B March 19, 2012 at 7:00 PM

      Hey Julia, I just brought a pile of scrapbook patterned paper. I’m going to make some just for fun too.

      Chat soon,
      Madame Bonbon

  • Reply Dahlia June 25, 2012 at 1:17 AM

    Love the buntig!

  • Reply Madame B June 25, 2012 at 6:06 AM

    Hi Dahlia,

    It’s very cute and so easy to make with thanks to the talented ‘Two Brunettes’.

    Thanks for popping by. I am going to make some time to read through your blog this week.

    Best wishes,
    Madame Bonbon

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