Stove Pot Coffee Maker

October 13, 2011

Our reliable old Gaggia espresso machine finally gave out recently, so we decided to go back to our roots and buy a stove pot coffee maker.  Many, many years ago, my husband and I lived in the Northern Territory (Yulara to be exact) and finding good coffee or buying an espresso machine was not a simple task. After a wonderful trip to Italy, we returned addicted to our morning shot of espresso.  We invested in a small stove pot coffee maker and fell in love with this traditional way of making coffee.

Leaving the outback and returning to the city, we eventually moved on to an espresso machine.  Sadly our Gaggia machine broke down recently and I decided to research stovetop coffee makers. We decided on the Alessi Espresso Coffee Maker and have not been disappointed. It brews a beautiful, smooth espresso in less than four minutes.

Stove pot coffee maker

We use a Gaggia coffee grinder to grind our coffee.  It works a treat.  There’s nothing like the smell of your own ground coffee in the morning.

Stove pot coffee maker

I generally take a macchiato or latte, so I also purchased a Bodum Schiuma Milk Frother.  It’s a small battery operated mixer which you immerse in hot or cold milk and it creates creamy froth in less than five seconds – brilliant!  It also makes fabulous flavoured milkshakes for ma fille. I did make a comment to my husband, that it does get messy when frothing the milk, but he thought no more than using the frother on the espresso machine.

Stove pot coffee maker

Stove pot coffee maker

So, I’m chuffed!  I enjoy deliciously brewed coffee every morning straight from our stove pot.  How do you enjoy your coffee at home?

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