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Spring Outdoor Entertaining

November 1, 2011

A few years ago I remember my husband and I sitting in our local park eating a small picnic we had prepared at home when I spied a little garden party being held at the other end of the park.  It was a picnic celebration by the looks and the hosts had adorned the green lawn with a spray of picnic blankets.  One long trestle table held their sandwiches, cakes and champagne bucket.  Bright coloured paper lanterns provided decorations for the trees.  It looked splendid!  I was inspired and decided it was high time that I put a little more effort into my spring outdoor entertaining.

I swiftly moved away from disposable plastic cutlery, glasses and crockery and opted for bamboo or sugarcane plates and utensils.  My Picnic at Ascot basket is stylish, insulated and collapsible.  So when I am finished using it, I can store it away easily in our apartment.  Our ClickClack champagne flutes and wine glasses are by Strahl and they can be unscrewed at the stem for easy storage.  They are beautifully designed and so sturdy – perfect for picnics.  My Steady Sticks allow me to plonk my wineglass down and move around or eat my food with ease. My beautiful handmade FortyDucks (NYC) picnic blanket comes with me whenever we eat outdoors.  I also pack my Nana Huchy tablecloth for the outdoors too.  It helps if you arrive at your picnic spot to a dirty park table.

Here are a few of my favourite outdoor settings to inspire you this spring.

Spring Outdoor Entertaining

Image via Pinterest

Spring Outdoor Entertaining

Image via Classy in the City

Spring Outdoor Entertaining

Image via More Design Please

So over the years, I’ve slowly established a stylish collection of picnicware.   How do you enjoy outdoor dining?  Do you have a favourite picnic item that you never leave home without?

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