Cocktail Hour: Flower Ice Cubes

February 28, 2014
Floral Ice Cubes for Your Cocktail

I want to show you how easy it is to make these pretty flower ice cubes. They’re perfect for your cocktail or a spritzer.  You could also place large flower ice cubes in a glass punch bowl.  This would like quite pretty.

How to Make Flower Ice Cubes

  • You will need to find some edible flowers.  My local market sells them, but you could also try your local florist.  They can help choose the best edible flowers for this project.
  • Choose a large ice try and place a small flower or piece of a large flower inside the ice try.  Fill this with water and then place in the freezer.  Make sure there is plenty of water filling each cube.  It’s best to leave the ice tray overnight for a solid frozen ice cube.
  • Once they are completely frozen, they’re ready to use for your next cocktail.

How to make flower ice cubes

How to make flower ice cubes

Tip: Use small edible flowers or split large ones so there’s plenty of area for the water to freeze into ice.


DIY Bachelorette Party Bags

February 25, 2014
DIY bachelorette party bags

I’m working on these cute little DIY bachelorette party bags at the moment.  They are gifts for all of the girls attending my sister-in-law’s bachelorette weekend.  I’m going to fill the bachelorette party bags with some fun items, including a party mask, red lip lollipops, sparklers, tattoos, a water bottle and the all important hangover first aid kit and much more!

How to make my DIY bachelorette party bags:

What you will need

  • Hot iron
  • Your print design
  • Iron transfer sheets
  • Cotton bags

Step 1: Print your design for your bachelorette party bag onto your iron on transfer.  For best results here, you should follow the iron on transfer brand.  [Tip! Make sure you choose the correct type of transfer. There’s a wide range out there. The Epson transfers are especially for ink jet printing on cotton material.]

Step 2: Get your iron nice and hot and keep it dry (no steam).

Step 3: Place your iron on transfer on top of your cotton bag.  It helps if you have a piece of hard card underneath to keep the fabric smooth. For best results here, you should follow the iron on transfer brand.

Step 4: Slowly and gently iron the transfer on to the bag. [Tip! If you find the transfer sticking, let it cool a little before you start to peel it away the wax paper.]

Et Voila! Your DIY bachelorette party bags are now complete and ready to be filled with goodies.

DIY bachelorette party bag supplier details

I purchased the cotton bags from Blank Clothing.  After visiting my favourite online marketplace, Etsy, I bought the little bicycle image from this designer here.  I’m going to print this design straight onto these iron on transfers – et voila!

Before you leave this post, here’s a sneaky peak at some mason jars that I am having personalised for the bachelorette party too.  I can’t wait to see what they look like when I get to California.

Madame Bonbon | Mason Jar Glasses

The mason jar glasses are designed by this fabulous team in California.


Happy New Year from Madame Bonbon

February 18, 2014
Melbourne Fireworks NYE | Monsieur Bonbon

Happy New Year, friend!  I hope you enjoyed a wonderful festive season wherever you are in the world.

In case you didn’t know, I have been on an extended blogger vacation for a few months.  I have now returned to blogger world after an incredibly refreshing and busy break.  My world has been full of home designs (we’re renovating our little city apartment), corporate events, weddings, parties, oh and quick trip to the UK over the festive season (sigh). I’ve created a few fun events and now I want to share my little projects with you.

In the meantime, here are a few shots from my life over the past few months.

Image above:  We had a magical Christmas in the UK. We also stopped over
in Dubai for the weekend. What an amazing city to visit. We’ll be back.


Image above: A few party craft projects that I am going to share with you later.
Image above: I made a few new delicious cocktails over the break.
Image: Valentine’s Day party crafts from a fun Valentine’s Day party
that I decorated recently.

Bathroom Renovations at Chez Bonbon

October 29, 2013
Bathroom Renovations at Chez Bonbon

I’m officially on blogger vacation, but I really wanted to share our bathroom renovation at Chez Bonbon. I personally redesigned the new look bathroom – which was a tonne of fun. It took about a month of planning the design.  Once we had our design we engaged our building company and the dream bathroom came to life.

The Bathroom Details

I really wanted the new bathroom to have an organically modern ambience. A space with lots of bouncing light, green plants, pure white wall tiles and a striking feature floor tile.

So with this in mind,  we chose some beautiful modern accessories for the bathroom which included; a floating vanity, mirror cabinet, modern wall lights, heated flooring, heated towel rail, double shower heads and a recess, overheight toilet and starfire glass for the shower walls.

The main feature of our bathroom is the stunning floor tiles. We sourcd them from Jatana Interiors in Byron Bay and had them shipped to Melbourne. The bathroom design was pretty much centred around these tiles.

I’m so very pleased with the new bathroom.  It’s such a vast improvement and has really made an impact in our home.

Bathroom Renovations at Chez Bonbon

Image above: For five weeks I traipsed like a trooper through lighting, bathroom and hardware stores.

Bathroom Renovations at Chez Bonbon

Image above: The BEFORE shot – urgh! Your typical late 90s bathroom in a Melbourne city apartment.

Bathroom Renovations at Chez Bonbon

Image above: The completed bathroom renovations . (Click on the image for a closer look.)

Bathroom Renovation Vendors

Here are some of the vendors who we used for the bathroom renovation.


3 Tips for Decorating Your Party Room

July 25, 2013
Decorating your party room | Madame Bonbon

Do you suffer from creative block when considering how to decorate your party room? I know some of you do because you’ve told me… he he. My blog is full of fun party décor tips, but sometimes you just want to give the party room a small addded touch rather than the full show.

Well I’m going to share my three basic tips for decorating your party room – add colour, personalise your space and light it up.  I’ll also list a few examples and links to help demonstrate my suggestions.  Here we go:

1. Add colour to your party room 

Giant Balloons –  You don’t have to fill the ceiling with coloured balloons (though this is fun), instead add a few giant (90cm) balloons to the party room. Get creative with your balloon string and attach a pretty thick silk ribbon to each balloon instead.

Bunting – You can make your own DIY bunting with scrapbook paper or fabric. If you’re challenged for time [or talent] then pop online and pick up a stylish bunting from stores like Good Will Bunting [Etsy] or from one of the stores on Australia’s version of Etsy –

Flowers –  Fill a few jars or bottles with fresh in-season flowers or even some long stemmed garden herbs. You could create a living centrepiece like the second image below.  Take a large glass bowl and line the base with a cut of florist foam. Add a little water and then fill bowl with herbs and succulents.

Image via Ruffled 

Image via Pinterest: Fabulous living centrepieces in glass bowls.

2. Personalise your party room

A few fun ways to personalise your party room is to use gold or silver letter balloons.   DIY printable banners are also easy to make. Here’s a free template from Pinterest.  Personalise a birthday party room by inserting fun and memorable photographs inside glass jars, tall vases or bottles. It’s a unique way to honour the birthday girl or boy.

Image via Style me Pretty

Image via Country Living

3. Light up your party room

Lighting is often overlooked in a party room, but it can set the ambience for the whole party. A dimmer switch is an easy option for a party room. If your room doesn’t have a dimmer, then add your own lighting with beautiful candles placed in glass jars and vases on the table or around the party room. You’ll create a much more intimate atmosphere.  [Tip! Some venues won’t let you have real candles in their party room.  Don’t let this stop you.  You can purchase LED tea lights or candle instead. You can reuse these at future parties.]

Image via Remain Simple 

Image via design*sponge


Birthday Garden Party Series – Final

July 22, 2013
Birthday Garden Party Series | Madame Bonbon

My Birthday Garden Party Series is now complete. I started planning this little project about eight months ago. There was so much detail that went into every aspect of the garden party. I’m pleased to say that everything went so well. The sun was shining, we had a beautiful lunch whilst the children partied in their own room downstairs (under supervision of course he he) and our friends and family enjoyed themselves immensely. It was a very special day and a fun way to celebrate a milestone birthday.

Here are the final garden party details.

Birthday Garden Party | Madame Bonbon

Birthday Garden Party | Madame Bonbon

Birthday Garden Party | Madame Bonbon

Images above: I had a birthday cake created by my favourite cake designer, Fiona at Too Cute Cakes. It was a rich chocolate mud cake layered with fresh strawberries.  The cake topper was custom made and the beautiful beeswax candles were made especially for me by Bumble. Rather than serve the cake at lunch, I arranged to have the cake cut and placed into small boxes for our guests to take home.  

Birthday Garden Party | Madame Bonbon

Image above: I love sparklers at all of my parties and so I placed a bundle wrapped in tags that read, “When the cake lights up, you know what to do”.  Just a bit of fun really.  

Birthday Garden Party | Madame Bonbon

Image above: We themed the party favours in the botanical theme with these handy notebooks and pencils by Field Notes. The favours were wrapped in kraft envelopes and a belly band of Rifle Paper Co wrapping paper.

Birthday Garden Party | Madame Bonbon

Image above: Tea light covers of Gardens House.  I simply edited an image of Gardens House in Lightroom and them printed them on plain paper. 

Birthday Garden Party | Madame Bonbon

Image above: Pesonalised cocktail napkins handstamped [by my wonderful maman]. I had the stamp custom made with the image of Gardens House.

Birthday Garden Party | Madame Bonbon

Image above: I created these cute cocktail stirrers for the party. 

 You can read the other parts to this series by clicking here – Part 1 and Part 2.

If you like any of the products I wrote about, here are the supplier details.

My garden party suppliers (online + Melbourne, Australia)

Two-tiered ruffle birthday cake: by Fiona at Too Cute Cakes 
Menus:printed on botanical prints via Etsy store – EarlyBirdSale
Paper rose place cards: via Etsy store based in UK – Elinor Rose Vintage Stationery
Terrariums: hired via Bosky
Flower arrangements: via Jaclyn Roma
Party favours: Field Notes pads and pencils via Notemaker
Venue: Gardens House, Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne (Event Mgr: Lauren Wilson)
Georgian House Stamp: by Etsy store based in USA – Brown Pidgeon
Beeswax Birthday Candles: a gift from Bumble Bee candles (thank you so much, Mel + Mark)
Chin Chin cocktail stirrers: online store based in USA – For Your Party
Cake topper: Etsy online store base in USA – First Snow

My Birthday Garden Party Series – Part 2

July 18, 2013
Birthday Garden Party - Children's table

This is part two of my Birthday Garden Party Series.  In Part One,  I talked about the preparation and the start of our garden party at Gardens House.  Here are a few more details on our lunch, the entertainment and the children’s party.

Birthday Garden Party Details

Lunch upstairs in Gardens House was a delicious three-course meal prepared by Peter Rowland Catering.  Our entree was a tasting plate of Spanish tapas.  The main course was a choice of chicken or beef and we were served a wandering dessert to complete the meal.We had a selection of five delicious desserts to choose from and they were all moreish.  [I quite like the idea of a wandering dessert even for a semi/formal dinner.  It allows guests to mingle and enjoy a variety of desserts.]

I arranged for our menus to be printed on the back of some beautiful botanical prints I bought on Etsy. The prints are by Pierre Redoute (1759-1840) whose patron was Empress Josephine of France. This gave me some creative freedom to style the menu as I liked.

Birthday Garden Party - The  menu

Image above: Le Menu

The children were whisked away from their parents to have their own little party downstairs. During lunch parents were able to easily run down to check on the children if they needed.

According to Mlle Belle, the children had a wonderful party.  She especially enjoyed the DIY ice cream sundae dessert. [Ice cream was served and the children decorated their sundaes with their favourite topping and sweets]. With the children so entertained the parents were able to relax and mingle and stroll around the house and gardens at their leisure.

Birthday Garden Party - Children's table

Images above: The kids only party room.

Birthday Garden Party - gardens

Image above: Looking down at the back lawn of Gardens House, situated in the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne.

Birthday Garden Party - Gardens House

Image above: A wonky view of the back verandah of Gardens House.

Birthday Garden Party - Simon Phillips

Image above: Simon Phillips, our very talented one-man band.

Birthday Garden Party - Simon Phillips

Image above: Our friends, Grant and Tammy improvised a special birthday blues song for M. Bonbon and me.

I have a few more photos of our fabulous birthday cake and themed party favours.  I’ll also include a detailed suppliers listing for my Melbourne readers.

P.S. Most of the photos in this post were captured by guests at our party. I used the “WeddingParty” app. This allowed guests to take photos with their smartphones and upload to the app to share. It’s so easy to use and beautifully designed.  You should check it out  for your next event,  it’s free.


My Birthday Garden Party Series – Part 1

July 8, 2013
Garden Party Chalkboard sign | Madame Bonbon

Monsieur Bonbon and I celebrated our joint birthday with a birthday garden party in the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne. We chose Gardens House, inside the gardens, as our party venue. It’s an elegant Georgian house set amongst secluded private gardens. The RBG was the perfect venue for us to celebrate. We practically use the gardens as our backyard (it’s just across the road from our home).

The Garden Party Details

We decided to keep our venue a secret.  We sent our guests on a little adventure ride to the garden party venue.  The invitation simply advised our guests to turn up at 11:30am in the city and bring their Myki ticket (transport card).  The guests were met by M. Bonbon and mysteriously guided to Gardens House.  My sister and I met the guests on the front lawn. We were served with St Germain champagne cocktails and canapés in the front garden. After a while we all moved upstairs to the formal dining room. The children all gathered in the party room downstairs with their two carers.  The party upstairs kicked off with a pop of champagne.

Here are a few pics taken by my good friend, Aaron Yong©.

Birthday Garden Party Series 1 | Madame Bonbon

Birthday Garden Party Series 1 | Madame Bonbon

Birthday Garden Party Series 1 | Madame Bonbon

Birthday Garden Party Series 1 | Madame Bonbon

Birthday Garden Party Series 1 | Madame Bonbon

Birthday Garden Party Series 1 | Madame Bonbon

Birthday Garden Party Series 1 | Madame Bonbon

Birthday Garden Party Series 1 | Madame Bonbon

My sister and I styled the dining room with Garden House tealight covers,  a floral wreath for the lighting, a ribbon curtain, paper rosette place cards, botanical print menus, beautiful Bosky terrariums, amazing flower arrangements by Jaclyn Roma, vintage book centrepieces and of course, sparklers for the cake cutting ceremony.  I was really pleased with the effect.

I’ll post more fun photos from the day in part two with photos from the children’s party room and the beautiful gardens.


Ideas for Styling a Garden Party – The Table

May 23, 2013
Ideas for styling a garden party

I’d like to share some of my lovely ideas for styling a garden party.  I’m currently working on a this exact theme for a birthday – mine in fact. Monsieur Bonbon and I are hosting a joint birthday celebration at a beautiful venue called, Gardens House in the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne.  I’ve been working on our garden party for the past six months.  This timeframe is quite usual for me.  I like to go into details and having lots of time to plan allows me to do this.

This week I want to specifically share my ideas for styling the table at my garden party.  Here are three fun ideas just for you.

My Garden Party Table

Flower arrangements: This week I’ve been madly working on styling the table.  I’ve gone for a botanical-theme on the tabletop and I’ve hired a few terrariums (five in fact) to adorn the centre of the table.  I purchased a few cheeky mini figurines to go inside the terrariums and to surprise our guests.  The figurines are a little naughty, so I won’t post them here. If you’re curious, then you can check them out on Fairie Nest on Etsy. I warn you they are risqué. 😉

Place cards: After searching my Etsy favourites, I found these beautiful upcycled paper roses by Stephanie Rose of By Elinor Rose.  Stephanie creates beautiful vintage paper crafts and ships them all over the world.  For my garden party, Stephanie re-used old music sheets and created roses that were each personalised with my guest’s name. Don’t they look wonderful!

Personalised Menus:  I like to personalise my party menus. As my theme is a garden party, I found these beautiful botanical prints in Sue’s stores on Etsy.  They are flower prints by French artist, Pierre Redoute (1759-1840).  I designed the menu using my caterers menu for lunch and then had them printed professionally on the reverse side of the prints.  The menus were then rolled and tied with brown garden string to be placed at each setting.

Garden Party - Paper rose place cards


Garden Party - botanical print menus

Garden Party - botanical print menus

If you’d like to see the series of posts I wrote about styling my garden party, you can click here for part one.