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My Month on Instagram [August]

September 10, 2012

Whilst I was going through my library of images on Instagram, I noticed that most of my photos were quite dark or grey.  It’s probably safe to say that August was a cold and wet month in Melbourne.  We were all waiting for the warmer weather to begin as spring approached us on the 1 September.  Anyway, I’ve added a few colour shots to my predominantly grey gallery.  I hope you like them.

 Image: My favourite images from Instagram.  Click on the image to visit my feed on Followgram

Left to right, top to bottom:

1.  I bought some beautiful yellow inverted chrysanthemums from my local market.  Aren’t they beautiful.

2. My husband did a photography walk of Melbourne streets with a focus on creative composition. We talked through some of his photos from the tour and I was inspired. I was reverse-parking my car outside of my home when I noticed this tree by the pavement.  It had small knots protruding all over the trunk which looked like eyes.  So I took out my iPhone and captured a close-up. The end result is as you see. I’m pretty happy with the results. I like the texture and shading in this shot.

3. I finally completed my mother’s birthday invitation suite and sent them out to her guests. The suite included an invitation, calendar stickers, an activity guide with a map which was all enclosed within a shiny grey envelope.  [A full blog post on the party soon.]

4. I bought these beautiful roses with two-tone petals for a friend.  I gift wrapped them in kraft paper and added a strip of white lace fabric.

5. This is a quick little DIY project inspired by Jordan at Oh Happy Day.  I made pink and orange fringy streamers.  They are quite easy, inexpensive and a lot of fun to make. You can view my DIY post [here].

6. Another quick DIY inspired by a pin on Pinterest.  I had some old cardboard which I circle cut and added a doily border – voila!- gift tag completed.

7. Melbourne was quite wet and grey this month.  I caught this shiny streetscape whilst waiting for my tram home.

8. I had fun editing this photo.  I was originally inspired by a photo on Instagram where I saw a gold sequin table cloth.  So I whipped out and bought some silver and gold sequin material and decided to style a martini cocktail shot.  We shot this using gold sequin material as the cloth, a reflector as the background. I  then added the Inkwell filter on Instagram with a label using Phonto (love this app).

9. Lucky last – a silhouette portrait of my little girl.  She was watching tv and I happened to look over and see a slight silhouette in her profile.  So I quickly grabbed my phone and took a few shots while she wasn’t noticing. I then used the Inverted filter on Picfx and Inkwell on Instagram.  The result was this imperfect silhouette of my daughter’s profile.  I love it.

Well, I hope you enjoyed a little preview of my favourite Instagram photos this month.  You can also view my July highlights on Instagram right [HERE}.  Oh and you can follow me on Instagram at @madame_bonbon.  Let me know if you showcase your party styling on Instagram, as I’d love to follow you.


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