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My Little Vintage Dutch Bicycle

April 9, 2015
My Little Vintage Dutch Bicycle

A month ago I became the proud owner of Olive, a vintage Dutch bicycle. She’s 32 years old and was born in Haarlem in the Netherlands. Olive came to Australia in the 80s with her previous owner.  I am lucky to be her second owner.  She’s a Sparta bicycle and your traditional commuter bicycle for getting around town.  I’m lucky to work just outside the city along the Yarra River so every day I get the most beautiful scenic ride to and from work – I’m super lucky.

From the very first moment I bought Olive home, I started to kit her out.  She needed accessories to give her a little style. Lordy! Did I get caught up in this. I found two fantastic online stores – and Both of these stores have fabulous stylish cycling products for the most discerning lady cyclists. Also, my little local market has a fantastic little bike shop – Bakerlite. So I ended up with two helmets, two pannier bags, a saddle bag, a handlebar bag, I upgraded my little bell (most important), bought three varieties of bicycle lights and beautiful basket (which I adorned with fake flowers and ribbons- as you do).  When it comes time to choose my outfit for the day I have to think, is this a cycling outfit or not. Yes! I’m obsessed! I love riding my vintage Dutch bicycle. From time to time, I’ll share my love of cycling.  Let me know if you’re a fellow vintage cyclist and totally understand my new passion.

intage Dutch Bicycle -flowers

Vintage Dutch Bicycle - basket front

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