Make City Postcards

August 11, 2010

If you love corresponding with stationery as much as I do, then check out these stylish Make City postcards designed by Keisuke Saka, a renowned paper engineer from Japan, via Upon a Fold.   Each set consists of five postcards that can be cut and assembled into miniature models of the ‘CITY’s’ most famous icons.


This set includes the Empire State Building, the Brooklyn Bridge with the Staten Island ferry, the infamous NY yellow cab, a bagel and coffee, and the popular street lunch cart.


Un peu de Paris includes the Eiffel Tower, the fabulous Moulin Rouge, the Arch de Triomphe (the perfect place to watch the sunset), a charming carousel and a oh-so-very French accordion.


This set includes a traditional temple gate and lantern, vending machines, Akihabara shopping district, the Tokyo Tower with Monster, and what Japan is famous for – sushi, of course!

About Upon a Fold

Upon a Fold is a Sydney-based Paper Store.  They specialise in unique collections of paper artistry from around the world.  You will find handmade jewellery and designer stationery including; fun paper planes and perfectly engineered pop-ups.    For more inspiration check out the Upon a Fold blog.

Ciao ciao!

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