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December 2, 2012

Wow!  What a busy couple of weeks I’ve had. I must apologise for missing a couple of weeks’ postings. Our days have been full of birthdays, a wedding, parties and events to plan, not mention the travel.  I’m back on track now and have some fun decorative Christmas projects to share with you in the countdown to December 25th.

Top to bottom; left to right

1. I’m styling a white party for a corporate end of year celebration. Here are a few of the 40-odd 6ft white paper chains that will be covering the entry to the party.  Busy, busy :-)

2. We started putting up our festive lighting on the balcony.  It blends in beautifully with the city lights.

3. I travelled to Canberra for a beautiful Australiana-themed wedding in the Australian National Botanic Gardens.  It was a splendid ceremony underneath the big gum trees and the reception was held on a deck, under the stars, with fantastic entertainment and dancing. I loved the Botanical Gardens as a wedding venue.  The walk from the reception venue to the front gate at the end of the night was …exhilarating with a giant possum (or a koala) following us in the tree and kangaroos and lizards crossing the road in front of us. The wildlife reminded me of my time living in the desert at Yulara, NT and the thrill of walking around in the dark at night […which I tried not to do very often.]

4. I attended my first Christmas party of the season and found a couple of pieces of festive bling to don in the hair.  It wasn’t but still made me feel quite festive. [ please come to Australia or provide affordable shipping to Aus.]

5. We have a birthday party to attend every weekend until Christmas. Yes, it’s the birthday season for Mlle Belle. This gorgeous mask was part of Mlle Belle’s costume for a Disco Party. It was a fun party hosted by a Disco Diva who got the kids up and dancing and singing from the microphones – brilliant fun.

6. My little watch post-it notes arrived from the States. I saw them on Swiss Miss a couple of months ago and thought they were a bit of fun. I finally found them on Amazon.

7. Wrapping, wrapping and more wrapping for birthday after birthday party.  I really am in heaven :-)

8. Bought some fabulous Christmas cards by Blueberry Paper at Check them out, they are designed, printed and hand finished in Australia. They are also made using vegetable ink on 100% post-consumer waste recycled paper.

9. We started Christmas crafting last week.  Come back and check out my little projects during the lead up to Christmas.

Jingle all the way,


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