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April 12, 2010

Chalkboard Word Bubbles

How cute are these chalk board Word Bubbles by Because We Can.    What a great icebreaker for a party!   I can imagine  handing these to my party guests as soon as they walk in the door and then letting the mischief begin….   They also do a cute pack of The Mustaches.

The Mustaches

Buy: Hello Lucky (yes, they ship worldwide)

About Because We Can.

Because We Can are a design-build studio in Oakland, California.  They design and build sustainable interiors, furniture, and all kinds of other stuff like these three great products below. All of their products are made with Certified Sustainable materials and finished with ulta-low VOC water-born lacquer.   Made in Oakland, CA

Because We Can - Wedding stage

What a fabulous theatrical backdrop for this lively outdoor wedding.

Because We Can - puppet theatre

A stunning ornate puppet theatre designed for a corporate client’s party.

Because We Can - Wooden Trees

Beautiful wooden christmas trees made from eco-friendly wood.  Perfect for a table decoration during the festive season.

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