Interview with In An Instant Photography

July 19, 2012

I’d like to introduce you to Jess Pace, the creative lady behind the company, In An Instant Photography. Jess’ company provides mobile photo shoots for private and corporate functions using digital capture and Polaroid cameras. I love the concept! It’s a fun service that not only provides a fun interactive activity for your party or wedding guests, but guests also keep a little memento of the celebration. And the best part is that Jess (and Sebastian, her partner-in-crime and life) takes care of the photo studio at your event and you get to to join in all the fun too.

I had a little chat with Jess about her company and some of the events that she’s worked.

1. In An Instant Photography is a wonderfully unique service. How does it actually work?  

Thank you! Each client receives a package to tailor their needs. It works on an hourly rate and I sell the instant film in packets of ten. If the client chooses to have instant film in their package, they’ll receive the prints within 10 minutes. It takes a little bit longer as I use peel-apart film and this film needs time to dry! It’s a type of film that consumers never really use. People are used to the Polaroid 600 film, which develops in front of your eyes. I do shoot digital too and some clients sometimes just go for a digital service, which is totally cool! I spend time editing my photos and making sure each picture is looking awesome. Clients will receive any digitally-shot photos about one to two weeks after the event.

2. What types of events do you cater for?

Any and every type of event. I have done 1st birthdays, Christmas parties, launches, weddings, engagement parties, charities, markets…so, so, many! I can do any event and can squeeze into any space.

3.  Can you coordinate your services to match a party or wedding theme?  

I can definitely co-ordinate my services to match a theme – that’s the fun of it! I love working with my clients towards a theme. I’m totally flexible, although most of the time, the client will organise a back drop or props etc. It’s so fun hunting for props, so I don’t blame them. I had one bride actually hang HUGE cardboard hearts from the ceiling!

4. What cities/towns do you provide services to?  

Although I am based in Sydney, I can definitely provide my services interstate. I love hopping on a plane, with my boyfriend (who also helps me out), and travelling interstate to shoot events.  I recently travelled to the Gold Coast for an event at the Turf Club. I’ve also travelled to Melbourne to set up a market stall at The Rose Street and the North Melbourne markets.

5. What’s the most interesting event you’ve worked at?

The best event would have to be The Finders Keepers markets in Sydney.  I always look forward to setting up my stall there. The whole day is filled with laughter and giggles, as people try on props and just let loose. It’s awesome to see people release their inner child. I have lots of fun asking people to pop on the wolf hat and roar and growl. It sends the crowd into a fit of giggles! I think if you can make anyone genuinely laugh and bring warmth to their day, then that’s amazing. It’s so awesome to hear people say to me, this is the best thing they’ve ever done or that the experience really brings a smile to their face.

Here’s a time lapse my boyfriend, Sebastian, created from our visit to the Finders Keepers market in June.

Thanks for sharing your story with us, Jess.  If you’d like to contact Jess to talk about an event or book her services you can reach her via mobile: 0403 360 084 or via her online contact form.  Follow Jess and her adventures on Facebook and Twitter.

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