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Interview with Emerald + Ella

November 28, 2010

Earlier this year, I came across the gorgeous online store, Emerald + Ella. It’s full of beautiful and unique homewares, including vintage pieces, kitchen items and a crafty Christmas collection.  The store also offers a prop hire service that boasts carefully selected pieces that will add that special touch to the table or a room.  I wanted to meet the owner, Jane Collings to find out a little more about the Emerald + Ella story.  I hope you enjoy this little Q&A with Jane.

Interview with Emerald + Ella by Jane Collings

Q. Emerald+ Ella is a very stylish online store.  How did it all begin?

Goodness me, I could go all the way back to my makeshift ‘shops’ at childhood selling handmade oddities! But most recently… I have always been a passionate collector of kitchen and homewares, and with a background in food styling it just made sense to combine the two into my dream shop. I spent months searching online to find interesting bits and pieces that weren’t available in Australia and it all finally came to fruition when the shop opened in August this year.

Q. You offer a Prop Hire service.  What type of products do you offer stylists?

Well as I mentioned, I have worked in food styling for many years, so I know the type of kitchenware that is useful in a photo shoot and also those pieces that are difficult to find. I have been collecting all these bits and pieces for so long that the cupboards are fit to bursting. It just seemed natural to share them at that point. The products for hire are mostly vintage pieces that add something special to food or interior photo shoots.

Image: a few pieces from E+E prop hire collection

Q. What influences you when you are selecting products for your store?

I feel like I am supposed to say something very profound here, but really it is just experience and a gut feeling for what I like and what I think others will like too.

Q. You have some wonderful Christmas products in store.  What’s your favourite?

Gosh, it’s hard to choose! But I do love the vintage tweed heart decorations which are handmade by a family friend in NZ. The paper goodies such as the garlands and flowers are so perfect for any kind of Christmas decorating and they are also handmade by a lovely girl in Victoria. And lastly, I couldn’t do without the cherry striped bakers twine for all my Christmas wrapping this year.

Q. And lastly, how do you like to entertain at home?

I love entertaining at home. I love setting the table, arranging the flowers, lighting candles and of course, choosing what plates, platters, cutlery etc., to use for the meal. I like to serve big platters of food on the table and let everyone serve themselves. That way you spend time with your guests rather than standing in the kitchen fussing over individual serves. And of course, there is always lots of wine flowing!

Image: From the Christmas collection – coloured paper flowers & tweed heart decorations

Image: Cherry bakers twine & maps of the world gift tags

And now…It’s All About Christmas!

Q. Best Christmas gift to give – under $20?

Am I allowed to choose something from e+e? Because most of my gifts this year are coming from the shop! Probably a couple of our lovely coloured hanging lanterns as they brighten up any party.

Q. Favourite Christmas song?

Oooo, I love any Christmas carol! I already have a Christmas album on my ipod, ready to listen to when I decorate the house and wrap the gifts.

Q. How will you be celebrating Christmas this year?

This year I am heading home to beautiful Waiheke Island in NZ to spend Christmas with all my family. My Australian in-laws are also heading over for the first time to join in the festivities. There will be lots of great food, champagne and laughter.

Q. Essential item for the Christmas table?

Food! Particularly a glazed ham. I think at Christmas it’s best to keep it simple. Decorate the house, but let the food speak for itself on the table.

Q. What’s your New Year’s Resolution?

Golly, I haven’t thought of one. I am not really a “resolution” kind of a girl. Work hard, eat well and enjoy life, that is my motto.

Image: ruby lanterns & ruby swirl cases

Image: From the vintage collection, bud vases & frosted ice cream bowls


Thanks so much for sharing your story with us, Jane.  If you’d like to squeeze in some Christmas shopping then, click here to view the Emerald +Ella store.


Thanks for popping in…

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