IncrediBooth for your iPhone

October 3, 2011

Check out this fun little iPhone app, IncrediBooth that lets you create traditional photobooth-style images from your iPhone.  It was created by the guys who brought out Hipstamatic (another groovy iPhone app in it’s day).

There are three easy steps to follow:

STEP 1: Touch the slider dial and turn it to you desired setting. Choose from a Helga Lens with supergrain B&W film, the classic John S lens with super contrast film, or a custom Kaimal lens with infrared film.

STEP 2: Round up a group of friends and squeeze together. Set the scene, line up the image with the built-in mirror, and fire away.

STEP 3: Send the whole strip via email or just one or two of your favourite poses directly to Facebook.  IncrediBooth fully supports the new multi-tasking in iPhone 4, so you can leave the app and do something else while your upload is progressing.

The app is available for the iPhone and iPad 2.  Click {here} to view the website and download from the App Store for just US$0.99  (p.s. always check compatability before purchasing).

Happy snapping

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