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Floral Headpieces by K is for Kani

March 18, 2014
K is for Kani floral headpieces

Connie Cao is a Melbourne designer who creates one-of-a-kind floral headpieces under her brand,  K is for Kani.  Connie has a range of unique styles and designs of floral headpieces from hair bands to flower clips.  I’ve purchased a few of her floral headpieces and I absolutely love them.  Connie’s designs are inspired by nature. She not only mixes colourful flowers but she adds other tiny features such as these birds pictured below.  These little features blend so well within the floral design, you hardly notice they are there, unless you look closely.

Floral headpieces have been around for the past couple of years and are certainly very popular.  You can find high quality headpieces worn by brides at weddings to girls donning simple pieces to their favourite outdoor festival.  Some of floral headpieces by K is for Kani are quite bold and really make a statement. I love that about them. They can set off your outfit and turn a few heads. I’m always getting complements on Connie’s floral headpieces.

Connie has a blog where she stylishly showcases fashion and lifestyle posts.  The imagery is stunning. The blog is also titled K is for Kani .  When Connie is not blogging lifestyle/fashion, making headpieces and enjoying photography, she’s studying law at university – amazing women!

P.S. For my overseas friends, K is for Kani also ships globabally.  Check out the Etsy store for details.

Image above: A rare moment in front of the camera in my new headpiece.

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