DIY Wine Wrap

April 5, 2010

I found this gorgeous template for a DIY Wine Wrap by Summer at Grey Likes Weddings.    Summer very kindly demonstrates how to create these gorgeous little wraps.  Her instructions are very easy to follow and I think I will be ravenging through my winter storage and making serious decisions about the future of my cardigan collection :-) 




Wine Bottle Gift Wrap:

1 old sweater (I scour the thrift stores!)

2″-3″ of Fabric

Sewing Machine, or needle and thread!

Fabric scissors

Ribbon, yarn, gift tags etc… for embellishment
1. Once sweater is washed, start by inserting the wine bottle into the sleeve of the sweater. The sleeve should start just below the top of your wine bottle. Mark the sweater with length of your bottle, pull out the wine and cut the sweater sleeve off.

2. Place your bottle on the small square of fabric and trace a faint circle around the bottle. Give yourself an extra 1/4″-1/2″ outside of the bottle. Cut out this circle.

3. Turn the sleeve inside out and pin your fabric to the cut end of the sleeve. Sew together. Turn right side out and voila!

4. To complete, thread yarn through the sweater, or affix ribbon.

Well, I know my friend Ginger will love this post 😉   I hope you do too.

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