DIY Patterned Paper Cups

October 4, 2012

Mlle Belle is celebrating her 5th birthday later this month, so I’ve been playing around with ideas for the birthday party. I found some plain paper cups at my local supermarket and thought I’d either do a “Jordan Ferney” and polka dot paint them or maybe do something with my Washi tape collection. I have such a pretty collection of Washi tape, so I decided to go with this option.

It’s super easy to make these patterned cups. Take two paper cups and use the inside cup as your protective layer, so you don’t have to put your hands inside the cup (we want a clean utensil after all). Take your washi tape and make vertical strips around the paper cup.  Cut at the bottom of the cup and tuck in the excess under the rim. Voila! You have unique patterned paper cups.

I’m having lots of fun planning for this party.  Check back soon for more articles on fun party decor.

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