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DIY Cocktail Recipe Cards

April 1, 2014
DIY cocktail cards by Madame Bonbon

I thought I would share these sweet little DIY cocktail recipe cards that I whipped up for my sister-in-laws bachelorette party this weekend. We were all asked to bring along a bottle of our favourite libation to add to the bachelorette cocktail bar. I spent quite a few years making cocktails in bars and restaurants and I’m quite officious about drinking cocktails. So I decided to create a few cocktail recipe cards that we could use over the weekend, to avoid any mishaps – wink wink.

How to make my cocktail recipe cards:

  • 20 different cocktail recipes
  • Heavy cardstock 200gsm
  • Cocktail card template (download below)
  • Small gift box and tissue paper (if you intend to gift the cards)
  • String and washi tape (to hang on the bar wall)

You need to download this gorgeous cocktail card template (designed by First Snow).  It’s perfect for these DIY cocktail recipe cards.  Add the template to your design (Illustrator, Canva, Powerpoint etc). There are three categories you need to have on the cocktail recipe card 1) the name of the cocktail, 2). what you will need and 3) how to mix this. Once you’ve created your cards, print them two-to-a-page and cut in half.  They’re ready to use at your cocktail party or to wrap as a gift.

I’m going to stick the cocktail recipe cards to the wall of our bar, so we can see the cocktail recipe easily.  By hanging them on the wall, they’re less likely to get damaged. Once we have finished with the cocktail recipe cards, I’m going to box them up and give them to the bride-to-be as a little memento of her bachelorette weekend.  I’ll also throw in a few coasters, matches, drink stirrers etc., from the spas, bars and restaurants we visit.  She’ll walk away with a box of fun cheeky memories…I hope 😉

Gift box of DIY Cocktai Cards by Madame Bonbon

Thanks to The Wedding Chicks for generously sharing the cocktail card design too. Check out their blog for more inspiring DIY projects.

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