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DIY Birthday Party Crown

October 25, 2012

Last week I had to quickly whip up a birthday crown for Madamoiselle Belle.  She was celebrating her birthday with friends at her kindergarten. I looked through my craft box and found a Mambo giftbox, which I had been saving as gift wrapping. It was made from heavy card and finished off with a fun bright pattern – perfect for a birthday party crown.

I cut the box open and then cut a long wide strip off.  Taking one side of the strip, I cut triangles into the top to make the crown. I thought to use double-sided tape to seal the ends of the crown, but decided to punch holes on either side. I then threaded through some craft string to bring the crown together. This ensured the crown fit nice and snugly on top of the birthday girl’s head. Mlle Belle was very pleased with the result and wore the crown during her birthday afternoon tea at kindergarten.

Image above: DIY Birthday Party Crown

Image above: Mambo giftbox which I cut into long strips to create the crown.

Image above: I punched two holes into the ends and threaded through some craft string.

Image above: A very happy birthday girl.

You could use this simple method with any heavy card stock/boxes/cartons.  For New Year’s Eve last year, I made sparkling crowns out of gold glitter wrapping paper.  They looked fabulous. I must try and find them again and take a picture to show you.

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