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DIY Balloon Cocktail Stirrer

April 4, 2014
DIY Balloon Cocktail Stirrer | Madame Bonbon

Aaah it’s Friday! The end of a very busy week and I  feel like celebrating with a refreshing libation.  It’s still early, so I’m going to have a delicious chillled pomegranate juice. Now my drink doesn’t look particularly celebratory, so I think I will add a cocktail stirrer and a fun straw.  It’s straight to the party box to see what goodies I can find for my stirrer.  I ended up finding a pack of tiny coloured water ballons.  Ah ha! An idea is forming in my mind.  Why don’t I add one of these balloons to my stirrer! Et Voila! I give you my DIY balloon cocktail stirrer.  It’s so simple, it’s silly.  You will need a good pair of lungs if you are using water balloons.  I would recommend buying these cute tiny balloons that I found on – Sweet Lulu. a sweet little online party store.

How to make this:

  • Wooden cocktail stirrer or skewer
  • Tiny coloured balloon
  • Festive paper straw

To make the DIY balloon cocktail stirrer, you will need a wooden stirrer or skewer that fits about the same height as a straw.  You can trim the skewer with a pair of scissors if it’s too tall.  Now blow up your coloured balloon and attach it to your stirrer.  Add the stirrer and a pretty paper straw to your drink and you’re ready to swizzle. These balloon cocktail stirrers would be perfect for fun birthday or cocktails parties.  It’s a nice way to dress up a mocktail too.  Makes the non-drinkers feel like they are partying with the rest of us.  I hope you enjoyed this little DIY craft.

So it’s cheers to you, my friend.  I wish you a wonderful weekend.

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