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DIY Advent Calendar

December 3, 2012
DIY Advent Calendar | Madame Bonbon

We’ve been very busy with festive craft activities at home this week. So keep an eye out for my posts this December.  I’ll be sure to  showcase each project for you.  Last week we just managed to whip up our family Advent Calendar.  Mlle Belle opened her first calendar pocket on Saturday and was super excited.

Here is my DIY Advent Calendar and how we created it.  I thought the project would have taken me much longer than it did; hence the last minute rush due to procrastination of the project. It was fairly easy to do once we got into a rhythm.


  • Patterned card stock
  • Library Book Pocket template via Mirkwood Designs
  • Scissors
  • Double side tape/glue
  • Circle punch (or you can scissor cut)
  • Pen


  1. We used scrapbooking card that I bought from Spotlight (craft/haberdashery store) and cut the pockets out following the instructions on the template. The template made up six pockets from one piece of card (30cm x 30cm).
  2. The activity cards were printed out on heavy paper and I sourced festive activities that were planned for December or craft/cooking activities e.g., visit to Christmas Square in the city, bake some cookies,  grab a candy cane from the Christmas tree etc.
  3. For the date labels, I simply circle punched some scrapbooking card stock from my craft box and Mlle Belle and I wrote out the numbers.  We glued the labels onto the card and voila!

We adhered the cards to the wall in the shape of a Christmas tree (1,2,3,4,5,6,2 formation). Hubby wanted to place the cards in random order so Mlle Belle had to try and find the numbers on the tree. After each day we will remove the pockets from the wall and place them on our staircase in order.

Hope you enjoyed looking at my little project. It was a lot of fun.

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