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Cycling in Style

May 16, 2015
Cycling in Style | Madame Bonbon

I love riding my bicycle and over the past few months I’ve found some accessories for cycling in style. I mostly commute around the city and to work. You won’t ever find me in lycra (which should please you… he he). I tend to don my usual going out outfit, which is is usually something bright and colourful. Now in terms of accessories, there are some that you definitely need for your bicycle such as, storage for whatever you are carrying and protective gear.  Here are a few of my favourite accessories.


Panniers are very useful.  They are bicycle bags that you attach to the rear of your bike.  I have a double and single pannier for carrying my market shopping, laptop and handbag etc. I love the stylish Mme Velo pannier(#3 below) it comes with a shoulder strap and I use it as my handbag after I park.

Baskets/Handlebar Bags

I have a beautiful Basil quick release basket, but when I am catching up with a friend and just want to take my bike out, I usually take my handlebar bag from Good Ordering in the UK. The bag has straps that attach to your handlebar and it also comes with a shoulder strap so I can wear it after I park.

Helmets and Gloves

Helmets are compulsory here in Australia and I think even if they weren’t I’d wear one.  Cycling in the city amongst the traffic can be tricky at times. I prefer to be safe than sorry. I purchased the Bern helmet below. It has the London skyline (one of my favourite cities). With winter fast approaching, I also purchased a pair of these cotton/leather gloves by Veeka (#1 below). They are perfect for my chilly morning rides along the river.

If you haven’t met my bike Olive, you should pop over HERE for a peek.  She’s a beautiful 32yr old vintage Dutch bike (a Sparta).

Cycling in Style


Where to buy

  1. Veeka Faber cotton and leather gloves
  2. Good Ordering handlebar bagu
  3. Eco Leather Floral single pannier
  4. Bern Watts London Skyline Helmet
  5. Feature image (top): My Pinterest Cycle Style board and Henrichs Reflective Cape

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