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Come On Baby Light My Candle!

November 16, 2010

Candles are a necessity during the festive season and I like to have an assortment of tapers, tealights and rolled candles on hand.  They make the perfect finishing touch to a table setting or placed around a room to create an intimate ambience.  And what a perfect gift choice for the host at Christmas.

I’ve made a conscientious decision to only buy beeswax candles after reading a few articles about the ingredients often used in making candles i.e. paraffin.  (Paraffin is a petro-chemical by-product which, when burned, emits a toxic smoke.)

If you are interested in purchasing quality beeswax candles, here are a few fabulous candlemakers to try.

The Marrakesh Fat 20cm handrolled candle by QueenB. My favourite candlemaker in Australia.

Beautiful beeswax tealight candles encased in handmade porcelain by Northern Light.

A stunning collection of beeswax candles by Heathmont Honey – ribbed, skebs, rings, framed… to name but a few.

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