Cocktail Hour: Negroni

March 28, 2014
Negroni Cocktail recipe and photo

I’m whipping up a classic Negroni cocktail tonight. It’s one of my favourite cocktails and hails from Italy, where it’s drunk as an aperitif (before a meal).  The main ingredients are Campari and gin, so it tastes a little on the sour side.  It is rounded off with sweet vermouth though which makes the Negroni quite an enjoyable drink before dinner. If you find it too bitter, you could tamper with the mixture and add a dash more sweet vermouth (you didn’t hear that from though okay?) he he he

The Negroni

What you will need

30ml Campari
30ml Gin (good quality gin)
30ml Sweet vermouth

How to mix this drink

Place your frozen ice ball (or ice cubes) into a small glass and build the ingredients over the ice.  Stir and then garnish with an orange peel. That’s it!  So easy. 

Ice Ball Moulds

I recently purchased a set of ice ball moulds to add to my cocktail collection and thought they would be perfect in a Negroni.  The ice ball moulds are so easy to use and they really jazz up your whisky on the rocks or G+T.  You could also fill the moulds with fruit, herbs, coconut water or even a cocktail mix itself (like a Negroni) and freeze them to use in drinks.

Where to buy them?  I bought a set of Prepara Ice Balls.  If you’re in Melbourne, you can find this brand at your local Matchbox.  If you’re overseas, you can order them direct from  There are other brands of ice moulds available of course.  These are the only ones I’ve bought and tried.

Ice ball moulds | Cocktails by Madame Bonbon

Image above: My lime-filled ice balls to use in my G+T.

Ice ball moulds | Cocktails by Madame Bonbon

Image above: My strawberry-filled ice balls to use in Mademoiselle’s glass of water.

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