Cocktail Hour: Guitar Ice Stirrers

September 2, 2011

Summer is coming to Melbourne and that’s when the long drinks and cocktails start making a regular appearance at my parties. I love adding my own DIY drink stirrers to my long drinks and cocktails. These fabulous Guitar Ice Stirrers though are something else. All you do is fill the ice tray with water, lay the ‘neck’ stirrers in place and freeze. As the guitar body melts, the guitar neck becomes an ice stirrer. Add these little guitar ice stirrers to a splash of dark spicy rum or kahlua or a good whisky.  You can also select from a set of three styles (for the music lover in your life) – a Gibson, Fender and acoustic guitair shape in a 6 3/4′ x 8 1/4′ silicone freezer tray.

Ice Guitar Stirrers from Amazon

Ice Guitar Stirrers from Amazon

Buy them AMAZON.COM for only US$7.99.

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