Cocktail Hour: Flower Ice Cubes

February 28, 2014
Floral Ice Cubes for Your Cocktail

I want to show you how easy it is to make these pretty flower ice cubes. They’re perfect for your cocktail or a spritzer.  You could also place large flower ice cubes in a glass punch bowl.  This would like quite pretty.

How to Make Flower Ice Cubes

  • You will need to find some edible flowers.  My local market sells them, but you could also try your local florist.  They can help choose the best edible flowers for this project.
  • Choose a large ice try and place a small flower or piece of a large flower inside the ice try.  Fill this with water and then place in the freezer.  Make sure there is plenty of water filling each cube.  It’s best to leave the ice tray overnight for a solid frozen ice cube.
  • Once they are completely frozen, they’re ready to use for your next cocktail.

How to make flower ice cubes

How to make flower ice cubes

Tip: Use small edible flowers or split large ones so there’s plenty of area for the water to freeze into ice.

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