Cocktail Hour: Aperol Ruby Wednesday

March 14, 2014
Apero Ruby Wednesday Cocktail Recipe by Madame Bonbon

M. Bonbon and I were playing around in our cocktail lab (aka the kitchen) last week and we created this refreshing libation – an Aperol Ruby Wednesday.  It’s a lovely long and refreshing drink made with Aperol and ruby grapefruit.  I garnished the cocktail with fruit and edible fresh flowers.  Check out my recipe below.  It’s super easy.

Aperol Ruby Wednesday cocktail recipe by Madame Bonbon

Aperol Ruby Wednesday Cocktail

What you will need

60mls Aperol *
90mls Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice
30mls Soda water

How to mix this drink

Fill your cocktail or wine glass with ice.  Add your Aperol, juice and top it with soda water.  Garnish with a thin slice of orange.  I’ve added some fresh edible flowers I had at home at the time too.

Note: You could also add a touch of sparkling wine to this drink for extra fruity fizz.

Aperol* has been the summer drink for us in Melbourne this year.  I’ve seen it served at weddings, cocktail bars and events around town. It’s an Italian aperitif and quite low in alcohol, so perfect for enjoying as a long summer drink.  Aperol is quite similar to Campari (and is in fact now produced by the Campari Group) but it has it’s own unique mix of herbs and roots.

You should also try an Aperol Spritz.  It’s their signature drink and quite simple to make.  Fill a wine glass full of crushed ice and add Aperol and sparkling wine. Top off the glass with soda water. Et voila!

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