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K is for Kani floral headpieces
Flowers Melbourne

Floral Headpieces by K is for Kani

Connie Cao is a Melbourne designer who creates one-of-a-kind floral headpieces under her brand,  K is for Kani.  Connie has a range of unique styles and designs of floral headpieces from hair bands to flower clips.  I’ve purchased a few of her floral headpieces and…

March 18, 2014
Flare Terrarium by Bosky 2

Terrariums for Your Home

Terrariums for your home are quite popular at the moment.  I’ve purchased a couple of terrariums recently.  The little apple container below is a beautiful terrarium from local market.  She sits on my kitchen bench where she gets plenty of light but not direct…

April 24, 2013
Artichoke bouquet | Madame Bonbon
Dinner Flowers

Artichoke Flower Centrepieces

Winter is fast approaching and I’m inspired by the beautiful stems of fresh artichokes that I found at my local market this morning. I’ve been playing around with other flowers to  try and create my own artichoke flower centrepieces. Artichokes are  one of the oldest…

April 22, 2013
Christmas wreath | Madame Bonbon
Flowers Holidays

Christmas Wreath Workshop at Flower Temple

I love a beautiful fresh floral wreath at Christmas. So last Saturday I popped into Christmas wreath workshop at Flower Temple in the city. Originally I was looking to purchase a wreath for home this year, but when I saw this workshop being offered, I…

December 18, 2012


I recently bought some beautiful chrysanthemums from my local market in South Melbourne. Unfortunately at the time, I didn’t realise they were actually chrysanthemums and I bought them under the impression they were dahlias. It wasn’t until my lovely Instagram friend, Kate, mentioned to…

September 3, 2012