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5 Tips for Creating Stylish Invitations

April 23, 2015

Invitations are an important feature of a memorable celebration. They can prepare guests for your event, create excitement and add a sense of occasion. The invitation essentially lets your guests know the purpose, the location, the date and time. It can also contain other information like a dress-up theme, social media links, requests for dietary requirements etc. Once you have all of your party details confirmed, you have all the information that you will need to create your party invitations.

So as you can see there are quite a few aspects to consider when putting your invitation together.  You don’t need to go overboard but a few essential details can add a little style to your invite. I thought I would share my five tips for creating a stylish invitation. Continue Reading

Tiki Party Invitation

Tiki Party Invitation

So this year I’m celebrating my birthday with a tiki-themed party.  I thought I would share my tiki party invitation with you.  It’s another one of my DIY projects and I promise to share the step-by-step post next week.  Today I want to share the…

April 14, 2015
Kabaam App for Parties | RSVP to a Superhero Party
Gadgets Invitations

Kabaam App for Parties

The Kabaam App is a cute little app that lets you add comic-style bubbles to your photographs.  It’s a clever and fun way to add some humour to your party photos.  Here are a couple of fun ideas to use the Kabaam App for parties.…

January 10, 2013

“Stick ’em up” Calendar Stickers

I came across this cute little DIY project “Stick ’em up” calendar stickers via the Wedding Bee blog.  It was created by Miss Dragon, who designed tiny stickers with event details printed on them. She then attached the stickers to a cute card, which…

July 12, 2012
Birthday Dinner Favours Invitations

Planning a 1930’s Shanghai Jazz Party

This year Monsieur Bonbon and I are celebrating our birthdays with a 1930’s Shanghai Jazz Party (our birthdays are three days apart).  We’re going back a few decades and reminiscing about the time when Shanghai was the “Paris of the East“.  This amazing city…

April 19, 2012

DIY Tiny Envelopes

A few months ago I was looking for tiny envelopes to hold some dinner ‘chit chat’ cards. I intended to give the cards to my guests as party favours.  I wish I had seen this very easy DIY tiny envelope tutorial by the inspiring…

October 10, 2011