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How to Style a White Party

January 14, 2013

I recently styled a white party for a corporate end of year event. The party was held at Encore on St Kilda beach. The Encore event space is quite lovely for a summertime event. It’s situated right on St Kilda beach and has the most amazing sunset views over the water.  We had around 300 guests who had responded and they were all asked to come dressed in white.  This meant that I didn’t need to go too silly with the decor budget and in fact I created a few DIY crafts and purchased low cost paper decorations.

Here are some of the decor features at our white party.

White paper chains

We created a 6ft+ white paper chain hanging to adorn the door to the function room. The guests loved walking through it as they entered the white room.

White paper lanterns

We bought the Martha Stewart paper lanterns which came in three difference sizes.  These were hung in clusters down the centre of the room.

White drapes

We hired drapes that would encase the room to make it as white as possible.  We also used it to create tiny hideaways with lounge chairs and tables for guests to relax in.

White balloons

We ordered a variety of different sized white balloons.  The giant 90cm balloons were individually weighted and we placed these down the entry hallway.  Inside the room we used 30cm and 45cm balloons to create a “forest of balloons” to frame the sides of the room.

White paper hand fans

We placed baskets of white paper hand fans around the room so our guests could stay cool

White plastic sunglasses

We handed our white plastic sunglasses so our guests could be comfortable when sitting outside on the veranda.

Here are a few of my speedy iPhone photos.  Please excuse the quality.  I was madly rushing to take these before our guests arrived.

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