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Christmas Gift Guide with Lark

November 7, 2015
Iconic Australian Christmas | Madame Bonbon blog

It’s my favourite time of the year – Christmas time! This year I am celebrating with my little family at home in Melbourne.  This means I get to go crazy with Christmas decorations, goodies and gifts. Lark Store is a little shop full of the beautiful stylish party and home decor. It’s my favourite place to shop in Australia. I regularly receive their e-newsletters and the latest one contains a link to their festive season Gift Guide.  I thought I would share a few of my favourite Christmas gift ideas from Lark for this year.

Ban Do Cooler Watermelon Bag | Madame Bonbon blog

Ban. Do Watermelon chiller bag [AU$60]  From my favourite party stylists in the US – Ban. Do. This little bag is perfect for the beach or pool party. Continue Reading

Gadgets Invitations

5 Tips for Creating Stylish Invitations

Invitations are an important feature of a memorable celebration. They can prepare guests for your event, create excitement and add a sense of occasion. The invitation essentially lets your guests know the purpose, the location, the date and time. It can also contain other information like a dress-up theme,…

April 23, 2015
Tiki Party Invitation

Tiki Party Invitation

So this year I’m celebrating my birthday with a tiki-themed party.  I thought I would share my tiki party invitation with you.  It’s another one of my DIY projects and I promise to share the step-by-step post next week.  Today I want to share the…

April 14, 2015
DIY Balloon Cocktail Stirrer | Madame Bonbon
Cocktails Other stuff

DIY Balloon Cocktail Stirrer

Aaah it’s Friday! The end of a very busy week and I  feel like celebrating with a refreshing libation.  It’s still early, so I’m going to have a delicious chillled pomegranate juice. Now my drink doesn’t look particularly celebratory, so I think I will add…

April 4, 2014
Decorations Parties

How to Style a White Party

I recently styled a white party for a corporate end of year event. The party was held at Encore on St Kilda beach. The Encore event space is quite lovely for a summertime event. It’s situated right on St Kilda beach and has the most amazing sunset views…

January 14, 2013
Kabaam App for Parties | RSVP to a Superhero Party
Gadgets Invitations

Kabaam App for Parties

The Kabaam App is a cute little app that lets you add comic-style bubbles to your photographs.  It’s a clever and fun way to add some humour to your party photos.  Here are a couple of fun ideas to use the Kabaam App for parties.…

January 10, 2013
DIY Party Crown | Madame Bonbon
Birthday Party Hats

DIY Party Crowns

This is a unique DIY party crowns project that I want to share with you. I was inspired by some DIY party hats on Pinterest. If you’ve ever walked into a party store, you’ll know that the variety of hats available can be limited. This…

December 31, 2012
Festive Door Bells | Madame Bonbon
Decorations Holidays

DIY Christmas Door Decoration

I found this handy happy decorating ideas article on the Real Simple website this month.  One of the ideas that caught my eye was a DIY Christmas door decoration. What you will need 2 pcs printed ribbon strips at 30 & 40cm in length 2 silver jingling…

December 22, 2012
DIY Advent Calendar | Madame Bonbon
Decorations Holidays

DIY Advent Calendar

We’ve been very busy with festive craft activities at home this week. So keep an eye out for my posts this December.  I’ll be sure to  showcase each project for you.  Last week we just managed to whip up our family Advent Calendar.  Mlle…

December 3, 2012
Party Hats

DIY Birthday Party Crown

Last week I had to quickly whip up a birthday crown for Madamoiselle Belle.  She was celebrating her birthday with friends at her kindergarten. I looked through my craft box and found a Mambo giftbox, which I had been saving as gift wrapping. It…

October 25, 2012