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Caribbean Cooking with Boss Man Food

February 21, 2012

My friend, Rashmitha and I attended a Caribbean cooking class over the weekend.. The class was conducted by Jamaican-born, Roderick Grant from Boss Man Food.  I was so excited and didn’t really know what to expect, having not experienced Caribbean cuisine before the class.  We travelled to Abbotsford (not far from the CBD), where the class was held in a commercial kitchen.  On arrival, we were greeted by a beautiful, smiling Jamaican lady, Rod’s mother, who was to assist Rod. Having taught Roderick how to cook, she was to keep an informed eye on our progress. After perusing the recipe cards, we donned our aprons in anticipation and enjoyed a refreshing glass of wine.  We were then directed to the kitchen, where Rod launched straight into our first dish – Jerk Chicken. This dish was to be the highlight of the class for me.  It was so delicious! We were instructed on three dishes and a rather interesting beverage, which involved a can of stout, spices and condensed milk!  Have I intrigued you?  During the whole class, Rod shared stories about himself, the recipes and how they were enjoyed in Jamaica. I really enjoyed the class.  it was wonderful insight into the beautiful Caribbean culture. Here are some pictures that I managed to take in between cooking.

Image: Our recipe cards for the class which included; Jerk Chicken, Festival, Stamp & Go (Salted cod fritter) and Guiness punch.

Image: Roderick is a blur amongst the enthusiast cooks.  I really liked the structure of the class.  It was small, well-organised and very easy to follow.  Rod was also a wonderful host and very knowledgeable.

Image: The Boss Man himself, Roderick.

If you’re interested in doing a cooking class, click {HERE} to check out the schedule and availability.  The classes fill quickly, so make sure you look at the schedule well in advance.

*Special thanks to Rod and his mum for sharing their passion for Caribbean food and their culture.

About the Boss Man

Roderick Grant is a Jamaican-born restauranteur and entrepreneur and is passionate about his roots and about cooking.  Boss Man Food is his latest endeavour to share his passion for food and his culture.  Rod also imports products that are produced in Jamaica.  You can check the array of sauces and seasonings on the Boss Man Food website.

Till we meet again…


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