Calling all party stylists!

Have you recently coordinated a stylish party or other event [engagements + weddings, cocktail + dinner party etc].  Want to share your party style with other enthusiastic entertainers?  Well send me your best photos and a description of your special occasion.  Be sure to include all the juicy details; the theme you chose, the decor, food and drinks you served.  Did you hire someone to cater or an event company to coordinate – well include all of their details too.  I’d also love to showcase any DIY party crafts that you’ve created.

If you’d like to submit your event:

  • Please submit between 5-10 photos as a single zip file.
  • Include a photo caption with each image and tell us about your event e.g., venue, decor, theme etc.
  • Accompany instructions for any DIY project submissions.
  • Save images as jpegs and size at 500px wide and 96 dpi.
  • Remove all branding, watermarks and frames. [Please do not submit collages].
  • Submissions should be for an individual event.
  • Please type SUBMISSION in the subject field and email to enquiries at

I will respond to all submissions and let you know if your party will be published on my blog.

Printables Design Submission

If you are a graphic designer or illustrator interested in contributing a design for a free printables feature, please send an email to promo at  with a link to your website/portfolio.  I’d love to share and promote your work.