Australian Open 2013 with Jacob’s Creek

I love when the Australian Open tennis tournament comes to town. Our city is filled with tennis fans from all over Australia and the world. This year almost 700,000* people visited the Australian Open. I was thrilled to be invited to this year’s Australian Open by Jacob’s Creek [Associate Sponsor and Official Wine Supplier]. They […]

New Zealand in a Glass

Last week I joined my friends, Peter & Suzanne for the New Zealand in a Glass wine tasting.  Sixty wineries (25 new wineries) showcased over 400 wines at the tasting, in Melbourne. We got to meet the winery representatives, hear their stories, taste some exceptional wines and make a few discoveries of our own.  What […]

Jacob’s Creek Cool Harvest Wines

Hooray! Today marks the first day of summer in Australia, so it seems only fitting to share the new range of light and fresh wines by Australian winemaker, Jacob’s Creek.  Let me introduce you to Jacob’s Creek Cool Harvest.  As the name suggests, the night harvesting of the grapes is essential for creating the crisp […]

Cocktail Hour: Skybar Wine Traveller

A few months ago I was walking passed my local Macphees store (for the wine enthusiast) when I saw a range of Skybar wine carriers in their window display.   Perfect in form and function, the Skybar carriers are insulated to keep your wine cool for up to two  hours…I had to buy a one.   […]

Tasting Wine with Confidence & Style

Most of us, at one time or another, have ordered a bottle of wine whilst dining out.  It’s completely normal for some people to feel a little awkward when the waiter approaches you and presents your wine.   He does this firstly so that you can identify that this is the wine you have ordered.  Next,  […]

A Panache for Grenache

I love my wine and on most weekends M. Bonbon and I will enjoy a lovely bottle over dinner.  One of our favourite varietials is Grenache (pronounced gren-ash).  About seven years ago, whilst visiting my family in the UK, I was introduced to a French 100% old vine Grenache.  Typically, Grenache is blended with other […]

To Pop…or Not to Pop

It’s difficult to think of a drink that is more associated with celebrations than Champagne or sparkling wine.    It’s helped us rejoice at weddings, parties and throughout our careers.  Some people can feel a little nervous when opening a bottle of bubbly.   So, I thought I would call on my skills from the past and […]

When is a Wine, Not a Wine

I recently took a bottle of Maggie Beer’s Sparkling Ruby Cabernet (previously named Desert Pearls) to a friend’s home for lunch.   This refreshing drink is made from early harvest cabernet grapes.  It’s also alcohol-free (and technically a wine), so I was able to sip away all day enjoying its’ champagne-style bubbles with everyone else. I […]

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