Sushi and Chopstick Etiquette

I really like this illustrated guide on sushi etiquette. I found it on SwissMiss a few years ago.  Sushi bars are popular here in Australia and this guide is handy for anyone wishing to brush up on their sushi dining skills. I’ve also included some tips on chopstick etiquette. I love learning about other cultures […]

Tasting Wine with Confidence & Style

Most of us, at one time or another, have ordered a bottle of wine whilst dining out.  It’s completely normal for some people to feel a little awkward when the waiter approaches you and presents your wine.   He does this firstly so that you can identify that this is the wine you have ordered.  Next,  […]

The Culinary Tradition of Yum Cha

It’s Chinese Spring Festival and I thought I’d share my love of yum cha, or dim sum as it’s known in other parts of the world.  It’s such an interactive and social way of dining with friends and family. So what is yum cha? Yum Cha is a unique culinary tradition that originated in China […]

Modern Manners: The RSVP

Image: Paperless Post A friend of mine was putting together invitations for her forthcoming cocktail party and she asked me about modern day etiquette for an RSVP.   When I receive an invitation, I like to respond as soon as possible and in the manner requested (telephone, email or post).  As a general guide, I thought […]

A Vintage Theme Party

If you are looking for inspiration for a themed party, then how about a vintage or 1920’s theme?   Here are a few photos of a Gala Opening to the play, The 39 Steps, in London.  It’s featured by the lovely Fleur de Guerre, editor at Diary of a Vintage Girl. I really enjoy reading Fleur’s […]

Modern Table Manners by Miss Debrett

We are taught socially correct behaviour from an early age.  How we conduct ourselves and treat others is a reflection of how people see us.  As an adult, it’s sometimes confusing to decipher what is relevant from the arcane list of rules and regulations. Table manners are important, especially in formal situations such as dining […]

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