DIY Balloon Cocktail Stirrer

Aaah it’s Friday! I thought I’d toast the weekend with this delicious pomegranate juice. Of course I had to add a drink stirrer and pretty straw.  To make the DIY balloon stirrer, you will need a wooden skewer and a colourful tiny water balloon.  Inflate the balloon and attach it to the stirrer. Add the […]

DIY Cocktail Recipe Cards

Hiya!  I hope you’re well.  I thought I would share these sweet little DIY cocktail recipe cards that I whipped up for a bachelorette party this weekend.  I used this gorgeous cocktail card template designed by First Snow and created about 20 different cocktail recipe cards. I’m simply going to stick the cards to the wall […]

Cocktail Hour: Negroni

I’m whipping up a classic Negroni cocktail today. The Negroni is a traditional aperitif which hails from Italy.  With ingredients such as Campari and gin, you know it will taste on the bitter side. It’s rounded off with some sweet vermouth though, which makes it quite an enjoyable drink. I recently purchased a set of […]

Cocktail Hour: Aperol Ruby Wednesday

Aperol has certainly been the summer drink for us in Melbourne this year.  I’ve seen it served at weddings, cocktail bars and events around town.  It’s an Italian aperitif and quite low in alcohol, so perfect for enjoying as a long summer drink.  It’s quite similar to Campari (and is in fact now produced by […]

Madame Bonbon: Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, friend!  I hope you enjoyed a wonderful festive season wherever you are in the world. In case you didn’t know, I have been on an extended blogger vacation for a few months.  I have now returned to blogger world after an incredibly refreshing and busy break.  My world has been full of […]

Cocktail Hour: Elegant

It’s been a while between drinks [well, since my last published Cocktail Hour post], so I thought I’d share a recipe from my latest cocktail book.  It’s a special cocktail book that my husband purchased for me at Christmas – The Cocktails of the Ritz Paris, by Colin Peter Field.   Colin Peter Field was head […]

Cocktail Hour: Pina Colada Twist

Cocktails are a lot of fun to make, but there a some times when we just want a drink that is quick to make, but still tantatalising on the taste buds.  Well, have I got a drink for you  I call it a Pina Colada Twist – why? Well because it has absolutely no cream […]

Christmas Decor Ideas – Pinterest

Christmas is less than six weeks away! Yay!  My Pinterest board is full to overflowing with fabulous ideas for decorating and entertaining this holiday season You’ll find pins on table styling, DIY decorations, cocktail recipes, gift wrapping, sweet treats and much more. Here are a few of my favourites pins so far.  Beautiful holiday centrepiece […]

Vintage Beach Party Celebration

We recently celebrated my mother’s 60th birthday in beautiful Port Douglas. The weather was perfect – glorious warm sunshine and clear blue skies. All of our guests travelled to Port Douglas for the celebration. Guests received little welcome bags on arrival, which included, a hotel door sign, crisps, a chocolate bar, a map of Port […]

Stylish Drink Stirrers

I love to garnish to my cocktails and drinks. So this weekend, I decided to create a variety of stylish drink stirrers to keep by the bar.  They add a bit of fun and frivolity to your glass, don’t you think? I love them and in fact I have been known to carry around a […]

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