Lace is not a common feature on your typical modern dining table, but I do love how it has been incorporated into these table settings.  It certainly adds a touch of romance to the room, don’t you agree?  My grandparents have given me various pieces of vintage lace over the years and these settings have really inspired me to use them at home.

I adore this table style in particular (above) – a full length, floral lace runner laid against a bare timber table.  Now, this will mean a trip to my local haberdashery store to see what options I can come up with.  I might need to explore lace curtain fabrics for this particular look.

So simple – a dark coloured, slim lace runner draws the eye to the centre of the table and the stunning floral centrepieces.

Eye  catching – a striking black vintage lace napkin tie against a creamy white setting.

A full length lace tablecloth gives this setting a provincial or vintage feel.

Crafty – a collection of vintage doilies sewn together to create a unique table runner.  Beautifully coordinated with vintage milk glass vases and lavish white blooms.

Au revoir!

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