Themed parties are a wonderful way to add a little flair and occasion to your party.   When I design a theme, I am always so absorbed in the little details.   We’re having friends for dinner in a few weeks and I thought perhaps a Indian or Moroccan-themed evening would be perfect!   I’ve found a few photos to help me plan my party.

Images: @ flickr

Via Meg Smith

Via Snippet & Ink

Here are some ideas that I have been thinking about…

Colour theme: bright pink, orange muted with gold and brown

Decor: floor cushions, incense sticks, tea lights throughout the room

Drink: Moroccan mint tea (the Marrakesh from T2) and wine served in short glasses

Eat: chicken tagine and couscous, selection of canapes from my favourite eatery – Gas, South Melbourne

Music: create a songlist on my iPod – maybe start with Berber or Chaabi music and then move to the party music after dinner

Entertainment: Hookah pipe hired from Bedouin Tents (Melbourne).

Yes, this sounds like a good plan to start.

Best wishes,

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