I found this lovely DIY project, Festive Door Bells, from Real Simple (via Pinterest).  It inspired me to create something similar. The “door bells” turned out so beautifully that I decided to make a set for each of my neighbours. Mademoiselle Belle eagerly assisted me and we hung the bells over the front door handles to (hopefully) pleasantly surprise our neighbours.

Image above: Our festive door bells adorning the front door of our neighbours homes.

Image above: It’s a fairly simple project – using only festive ribbon, large silver bells and gift tags.

The only tips I would give for this project are to:

  • choose a small thin ribbon that you can easily weave through the top of the silver bells.
  • Look for large jingly silver bells. The first pack that I bought weren’t very jingly and didn’t really make any noise. The second pack that I bought (above) were perfect.
  • Download one of the many freebie gift tag templates kindly donated by bloggers all over the world. Check out my Pinterest Festive Season board for some fabulous festive designs.

Jingling my way to Christmas,


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