Black Balloons for Your Party

March 20, 2014
Black balloons for your party | Madame Bonbon

I’ve been watching the trend with the giant black balloons over the past few months.  I love them. The black balloons are so striking and can really add a touch of glam to your party. If you’re a follower of my Pinterest and Instragram profiles, you will know that I love to add all types of balloons to my parties and events. I thought I would share a few ideas on how to add black balloons to your party for a unique and stylish look.

What to do with black balloons at your party:

  • Giant 90cm black balloons look so striking placed around a large party room. Weight them down to the floor and place them ad hoc around the room. They really look special.
  • Use normal 30cm black balloons as place cards – attach a black balloon to the back of  a chair and write the guests names on each black balloon.  Add a bit of fun by mixing up the balloons during dinner and have guests switch seats.
  • If you’re celebrating a special occasion like a birthday at a restaurant, you could write the birthday guests’ name on a 40cm black balloon and attach it to their chair.

I had an opportunity to style an event with some black balloons recently.  Unfortunately I don’t have any great photographs from that event – too busy drinking champagne, oops.  I did take a quick snapshot above.  Below is one of the black balloons I took home to play with balloon writing.  I’m sorry about the quality of the images, but hopefully it gives you some idea.

Image above: Add guest names or a catch word to your black balloons with a quality chalk paint pen.

Image above: My inspiration from Jeroen van der Spek.

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