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Artichoke Flower Centrepieces

April 22, 2013
Artichoke bouquet | Madame Bonbon

Winter is fast approaching and I’m inspired by the beautiful stems of fresh artichokes that I found at my local market this morning. I’ve been playing around with other flowers to  try and create my own artichoke flower centrepieces. Artichokes are  one of the oldest medicinal plants dating back to 4th century B.C.  The artichoke heart is what we’re most familiar with eating, but the leaves are very good for you too.  I love the idea of incorporating flowers and edible fruit and vegetables into an arrangement.  Think of grapes cascading over a bowl lip, artichokes or asparagus to replace the greens in your bouquet, fresh herbs to add a savoury nose to your sweet flowers.  So I’m inspired! Are you?

Here are some beautiful artichoke flower designs that I found on my favourite blogs and Pinterest.

1. The feature photo is a small artichoke bouquet arranged in a small glass jar via Style Me Pretty.  I love the green and white palette used and the mix of texture.

2. The triptych above is a beautiful DIY project via Ruche Shop.  They’re pretty floral arrangement using garden flowers, purple cabbage and artichoke flowers. Are they stunning?

Green Succulent and Vegetable Bouquet

3. This is an elegant green succulent and vegetable creation by Blue Bouquet.  It’s predominantly green with a contrast of white flowers blended in.

Artichoke lapel

I love this! Small artichoke boutonniere via Wedding Chicks. It’s so very simple but works beautifully with the brown linen vest that the groom is wearing.  It comes across as rather masculine too, don’t you think.

If you’d like to try your hand at making your own bouquet featuring artichokes, check out this beautiful DIY project by one of my favourite bloggers – Gardenista.

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