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My name is Meegan, but you may also know me as Madame Bonbon, blogger and party stylist from Melbourne, Australia. After many years travelling and working within the hospitality and events industry, I now live in the city with my husband, Matthew and our daughter, Isabel.  I like to spend my spare time filling the family social calendar with parties, events and gatherings.  My home is my studio and you will often find me crafting party decorations, designing invitations or putting together dinner menus.  I also manage quite a lot of corporate functions and events in my day job.  Life seems pretty full at times, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I am going to take this opportunity to thank my amazing husband.  He understands this all-consuming passion of mine and is so very supportive. He’s a wonderful photographer and you will most likely see some of his work on this blog from time to time (fully credited of course). Also a big hug and kiss to my daughter, Isabel who will “endure” Mummy’s party styling for many years to come.


I adore this city and so every now and then I love to share my experiences of being a “Melburnian”. Living in Melbourne you can’t help but get caught up in all of the culture, arts and world-class events.  The restaurants and bars here are truly world-class and don’t get me started on the coffee culture – we’re devoted drinkers of the stuff.  When I’m not planning parties [and blogging about them], I love to cycle on my little vintage Dutch bicyle (Olive), read, play golf, visit my local farmer or craft markets and spend time with my little family.


Planning a party or an event can be a daunting experience for some people.  My blog was created so that I could share my ideas and plans with other enthusiastic entertainers.  I want to inspire a little of the domestic goddess in all of us. So please feel free to contribute and leave feedback on any of my little projects or articles.  New blog articles are published every week.


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