A Vintage Carnival Theme Party

September 6, 2011

This year we are celebrating Mademoiselle Belle’s birthday at a local fun park. It’s a small carnival-style park with traditional rides, sweet stalls and plenty of seating. We are creating a vintage carnival theme party which is perfect for our venue.  I  usually start researching my parties about three months ahead. Pinterest is my inspiration board and so I’ve created a board just for a vintage carnival theme party.  

A lot of the ideas on my Pinterest board are DIY or created by craftisans and artists.  I also use Etsy quite a lot for invitations, party bags and party decor. You will see a few Etsy designers on my board too. Click on the link below for a peek at my ideas for a vintage carnival theme party.

A Vintage Carnival Party Theme

Click [HERE] to view the full board in Pinterest.

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