A Teacup is Reborn

May 25, 2010

Whilst reading one of my favourite design blogs – The Design Files, I came across an article about Lindsay Pemberton, an NZ Creative Upcycler, and her fabulous tea bangles (below).   Lindsay creates these unique bangles from pre-loved china tea cups.  She designs her products hoping to challenge our thoughts about everyday objects and rituals.  By reinventing traditional domestic objects she gives them new meaning.   They are fabulous, don’t you think?

About the Tea Bangles…

For Lindsay, the tea set is a source of inspiration. A fascination with simple domestic rituals, like brewing a pot of tea, led her to experiment with vintage teacups found in second hand shops. By dissecting them with a diamond saw, she’s given them a new lease of life as highly attractive and surprisingly strong tea bangles.  You can purchase online at Clever Bastards, NZ

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