A few of my favourite things…

July 9, 2012

Most weekends you will find me at my local market in South Melbourne visiting my greengrocer, butcher and gourmet delicatessens. Last weekend as I was meandering the aisles with my Padre coffee, I came across a selection of Robert Gordon’s Parisian market bags. I have been searching for a practical and stylish basket for months! I fell in love and bought it immediately. It sits perfectly atop my market trolley (which I seriously need to think about updating – it’s 10 years old!) and holds all the shopper essentials like my wallet, phone and sunglasses. I think it will also make a wonderful picnic basket for those last minute impromptu picnics that I tend to surprise my little family with on the weekends. Here are a few more of my favourite purchases from the market this month.

Image: Robert Gordon’s Farmers Basket from WB Smith & Co stall

Image: My bargain ombre ramekins from In2Homewares stall for my chicken, leek and bacon pies.

Image: My funky knitted slippers from Klopper Wares stall – sooo comfortable and warm.

Image: Aromatic bubble bath from the Douglas & Hope stall in SO:ME Space. (D+H have finished trading but hopefully Cath will be back.)

 So you can see, it’s not all fresh grocery shopping for me…much to my husband’s delight (haha!). If you’re in Melbourne, I might see you at the market one weekend. Otherwise, stay tuned for more of “my favourite things” posts in the near future.

Have a great day!




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