Tiki Party Invitation

    April 14, 2015
    Tiki Party Invitation

    So this year I’m celebrating my birthday with a tiki-themed party.  I thought I would share my tiki party invitation with you.  It’s another one of my DIY projects and I promise to share the step-by-step post next week.  Today I want to share the tiki party invitation with you in a fun way…a little stop motion video that I made last night.  I hope you like the invitation…and the video.

    Would you believe I created this video on an iOS app? I did! The App is called Stop Motion Studio and it is so easy to use.  I must thank Monsieur Bonbon however, he gave me the idea to do the stop motion video after one of his classes at Melbourne Laneway Learning. [Hubby mentioned that the class was taught by Jarrod Anderson who worked on the Lego movie!  So of course hubby had to take along a Lego man for the class.  He had a tonne of fun.]  I also have to thank Mademoiselle Belle who helped me with the motion movements whilst I was filming. We’re just beginners but I can tell we’ll be stop motioning all over the home. I promise not to bore you too often.

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