3 Tips for Decorating Your Party Room

July 25, 2013
Decorating your party room | Madame Bonbon

Do you suffer from creative block when considering how to decorate your party room? I know some of you do because you’ve told me… he he. My blog is full of fun party décor tips, but sometimes you just want to give the party room a small addded touch rather than the full show.

Well I’m going to share my three basic tips for decorating your party room – add colour, personalise your space and light it up.  I’ll also list a few examples and links to help demonstrate my suggestions.  Here we go:

1. Add colour to your party room 

Giant Balloons –  You don’t have to fill the ceiling with coloured balloons (though this is fun), instead add a few giant (90cm) balloons to the party room. Get creative with your balloon string and attach a pretty thick silk ribbon to each balloon instead.

Bunting – You can make your own DIY bunting with scrapbook paper or fabric. If you’re challenged for time [or talent] then pop online and pick up a stylish bunting from stores like Good Will Bunting [Etsy] or from one of the stores on Australia’s version of Etsy –

Flowers –  Fill a few jars or bottles with fresh in-season flowers or even some long stemmed garden herbs. You could create a living centrepiece like the second image below.  Take a large glass bowl and line the base with a cut of florist foam. Add a little water and then fill bowl with herbs and succulents.

Image via Ruffled 

Image via Pinterest: Fabulous living centrepieces in glass bowls.

2. Personalise your party room

A few fun ways to personalise your party room is to use gold or silver letter balloons.   DIY printable banners are also easy to make. Here’s a free template from Pinterest.  Personalise a birthday party room by inserting fun and memorable photographs inside glass jars, tall vases or bottles. It’s a unique way to honour the birthday girl or boy.

Image via Style me Pretty

Image via Country Living

3. Light up your party room

Lighting is often overlooked in a party room, but it can set the ambience for the whole party. A dimmer switch is an easy option for a party room. If your room doesn’t have a dimmer, then add your own lighting with beautiful candles placed in glass jars and vases on the table or around the party room. You’ll create a much more intimate atmosphere.  [Tip! Some venues won’t let you have real candles in their party room.  Don’t let this stop you.  You can purchase LED tea lights or candle instead. You can reuse these at future parties.]

Image via Remain Simple 

Image via design*sponge

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